Microfine Guar Meal

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Microfine Guar Meal

100% Natural, Organic and GMO-Free
Guar Meal Manufacturer India

Guar Meal, a by-product of guar gum and consisting of seed coat and germ material, is a good source of protein. Dry milling of guar seeds separates the endosperm, containing the gum, and leaves a high-protein meal, used as a protein source in livestock feeding.

The Guar Meal is processed by steaming and dry heating, which tends to remove some of the beans odor and gum residue, including the adhesive characteristic of the raw meal. One of part of guar meal is our product Microfine Profat 70.

Microfine Profat 70 is produced with the best high quality guar germ with high protein for animal and poultry feed. This by-product is obtained during the guar split manufacturing process, from germ and husk.

Due to an improved technology, our Microfine contains up to 56-60% of protein. Microfine is palatable and highly digestible protein source it is the ideal solution for the diet of young animals. Furthermore, it is a highly concentrated protein source for aquaculture, ideal to replace a part of animal proteins.

Parameters Value
Protein 56.0 ± 3%
Fat 8.0±2 %
Fiber 4.0±2 %
Ash 5.0±2 %
Moisture 3.0 ± 2%


Excellent protein source
Higher percentage of Crude Protein
Higher Digestibility Percent (>98%)
Higher Energy content and fat percentage
100% GMO Free Product.